Yellow dog

Yellow Dog Linux (also known as YDL) is Linux distribution for computers with Power Architecture like Power-PC based Apple computers, Sony PlayStation 3 and IBM System p. YDL is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and it uses RPM packages. Yellow Dog Updater was later was adapted for other RPM based distributions with the name YUM (Yellowdog Updater, Modified). First version was released in 1999 for PowerPC-based Macintosh computers. The last version (7.0) was released in August 2012.

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Version 5.0
Version 5.0.1
yellowdog-5.0.1-phoenix-APPLE-20070504-disc1.isoCD ISO for Apple
yellowdog-5.0.1-phoenix-APPLE-20070504-disc2.isoCD ISO for Apple
yellowdog-5.0.1-phoenix-APPLE-20070504-disc3.isoCD ISO for Apple
yellowdog-5.0.1-phoenix-APPLE-20070504-disc4.isoCD ISO for Apple
yellowdog-5.0.1-phoenix-APPLE-20070504-disc5.isoCD ISO for Apple
yellowdog-5.0.1-phoenix-APPLE-20070504-disc6.isoCD ISO for Apple
yellowdog-5.0.1-phoenix-20070326-APPLE.isoISO for Apple
yellowdog-5.0.1-phoenix-20070511-PS3.isoISO for PS3
Version 5.0.2
yellowdog-5.0.2-20070627-disc1.isoCD ISO for Apple, PS3, pStation
yellowdog-5.0.2-20070627-disc2.isoCD ISO for Apple, PS3, pStation
yellowdog-5.0.2-20070627-disc3.isoCD ISO for Apple, PS3, pStation
yellowdog-5.0.2-20070627-disc4.isoCD ISO for Apple, PS3, pStation
yellowdog-5.0.2-20070627-disc5.isoCD ISO for Apple, PS3, pStation
yellowdog-5.0.2-20070627-disc6.isoCD ISO for Apple, PS3, pStation
yellowdog-5.0.2-20070711.isoDVD ISO for Apple, PS3, pStation
Version 6.0
yellowdog-6.0-DVD_20080207.isoApple G4/G5, Sony PS3, and IBM System p
Version 6.1
yellowdog-6.1-ppc-DVD_20081119.isoApple G4/G5, Sony PS3, IBM System p, and PowerStation
yellowdog-6.1-ppc-DVD_20090201_NEW_PS3.isoSony PS3
Version 6.2
yellowdog-6.2-ppc-DVD_20090629.isoApple G4/G5, Sony PS3, and PowerStation
Yellow Dog Linux logo
Yellow Dog Linux logo
Yellow Dog Linux 6.1
Yellow Dog Linux 6.1