Super OS

Super OS (formerly: Super Ubuntu) is a version of Ubuntu with additionial enhancements like added software and tools, with the goal of making it more usable, in particular for users without an internet connection. The last version(11.10) was released in Semptember 2012.

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Version 9.04
Super_OS_9.04.isox86 ISO
Version 9.10
Super_OS_9.10.isox86 ISO
Version 10.04
Super_OS_10.04_64_bits.isox64 ISO
Super_OS_10.04_32_bits.isox86 ISO
Version 10.10
Super_OS_10.10_64_bits.isox64 ISO
Super_OS_10.10_32_bits.isox86 ISO
Version 11.04
Super_OS_11.04_64_bits.isox64 ISO
Super_OS_11.04_32_bits.isox86 ISO
Version 11.10
Super_OS_11.10_64_bits.isox64 ISO
Super_OS_11.10_32_bits.isox86 ISO